The Big Moma Frost

The world’s biggest frost on the river Moma in the Sakha Republic, (Yakutya, Russia)

Departures: July – September 2021


Tour along the combined route, including transfers by car through the mountain passes of the Chersky ridge, on a motor boat along the Moma river and hiking to the extinct volcano Balagan Taas.


The main goal of the tour is to visit the largest river frost in the world – Ulakhan Taryn (Bolshaya Momskaya Naled), which covers an area of more than 100 square kilometers.


Yakutsk-Ust Nera (fork Andygychaan) – Chersky ridge – Sien Terde area – Moma river – Bolshaya Momskaya ice – Balagan Tas volcano – Sien Terde area – Chersky ridge – Ust Nera (Andygychaan fork) – Yakutsk
Map Big Moma Frost
July – August – September
Yakutsk – Ust’ Nera – settlement Sien Terde – Moma River – Big Moma Frost – Balagan-Tas volcano – Sien Terde settlement – Ust’ Nera – Yakutsk
  • camp shoes
  • softshell jacket (softshell)
  • wading boots, rubber or pvc or eva
  • thin thermal underwear (for multi-day trips, at least two sets)
  • thin socks (for multi-day hikes, at least 3-4 pairs)
  • gloves waterproof
  • trekking sneakers
  • storm trousers with membrane
  • fleece jacket
  • camp gloves (for household work)
  • raincoat
  • thin socks for trekking (for multi-day hikes, at least 3-4 pairs)
  • softshell trousers (softshell)
  • warm socks for trekking (for multi-day hikes, at least 2-3 pairs)
  • sports hat fleece or knitted
  • socks waterproof
  • warm thermal underwear (for multi-day trips, at least two sets)
  • splashproof suit
  • trekking boots
  • trekking gloves
  • jacket 
  • trekking trousers
  • storm jacket with membrane
  • warm socks (for multi-day hikes, at least 2-3 pairs)
  • suncream
  • spare accumulators, batteries
  • plastic bags for small waste
  • individual first aid kit
  • dense polyethylene bags up to 240 liters for transportation of backpacks
  • backpack 70-80 liters
  • fishing equipment (spinning rod, float rod, fly rod)
  • hygienic lipstick
  • light compact KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife)
  • charger (Power Bank)
  • soft, lightweight sealed bags for clothes and equipment
    hermetic bag 20-40 liters for personal belongings during the rafting



Transfer from Yakutsk along the Kolyma highway to the Andygachan river mouth, 1100 km.
On the way, there are two ferry crossings across the Lena and Aldan rivers.


Continuing the road along the Sette Daban and Suntar Khayata ridges, either squeezing into narrow rocky gorges, then going out onto the mountain river valleys, then climbing high mountain passes


Change of the vehicle and continuing the road to Andygachan river, to the area of Sien-Terde.
Distance: 260 km, ride with with Kamaz truck.
This part of the way runs through the Chersky mountain system. On the road you can meet local Yakut-Taiga inhabitants and their reindeer camps


Transfer by motor boats to Ulakhan Taryn, 150 km.
On the way, fishing on rivers. The pits of the river are inhabited by pikes, the size of which reaches more than a meter. The river valley is located between two ridges: Chersky and Momsky, the white peaks of which merge with the sky.

In the evening, arrival at the base camp site near the mouth of the Balagannakh river. This place is located above Ulakhan Taryn from where opens an excellent view of the entire ice.

DAY 5 - 6

Excursions on ice. These days photographers can build their own custom ice photography schedules. Fans of fishing can spend excellent fishing for grayling at the mouth of the Balagannakh river, which is inhabited by large grayling.

DAY 7 - 9

Hiking to the volcano Balaan-taas, 30 km.
The path follows a trail through woodland and mari with swampy areas.
Camp under the volcano.

*Climbing the volcano is not difficult.
**Photographers can plan their schedule covering the evening and morning hours above the volcano.

Day 10

Free time – exploring the area

* Additional services these days: You can rent horses. The rental price per day is 5.000 rubles.

Day 11

Departure with motor boats to Sien Terde
Possible stops and fishing

Day 12-13

Transfer to Ust’ Nera

Day 14

Arrival to Yakutsk, accommodation in the hotel or transfer to the airport

Additional Information

The group will be equipped with all the necessary camping equipment:
campfire accessories, tents, sleeping bags, rugs, awnings, ropes, satellite phone


  • English speaking guide
  • Meals regarding the program
  • Entry fee regarding the program
  • Accommodations
  • Fishing
  • All excursions
  • All transfers

Price and policies

3.190 EUR / Person (min. 2 Persons)
Price includes transfers, accommodations, all entry fees, assistance during the whole trip.

Departures from July 2021

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