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Lake Baikal



Self-Drive UAZ


The packages below are just an example of possible tour.
The best way is to contact us directly to compose your experience in base of your wishes and needs.

Lake Baikal


World’s oldest, deepest lake, that contains 23% of the world’s fresh surface water – more than all of the North American Great Lakes combined.

Local life experience

stay in a far flung settlement on the shore of the Baikal Lake

Explore Tajga forest

enjoy the nature of Siberia hiking through Tajga, along the shore of the Baikal Lake

Self drive Tours

explore the area of the Baikal by driving an Uaz van or Ural motorbike

Places to visit:
Irkutsk city, Buguldeyka village, Olkhon Island, Khuzhir town
Ride with soviet military van UAZ, accommodation in wooden guesthouse, tasting local organic food, hiking, camping

April – November 2023/24
Available places: up to 8

5 Days TourPrice from EUR € 849 / Person (min. 2 Persons)

Day 1

• meeting in Irkutsk
• pick up from the airport / train station
• city sightseeing
• ride to the Buguldeyka village
• enjoy the landscapes and stops for taking the pictures
• arrival to Buguldeyka
• accommodation in guesthouse
• ride to the shore of Lake Baikal
• dinner in the guesthouse, home-made food
• sauna

Day 2

• breakfast
• 3h tour to the most beautiful and wild spots
(Lake Baikal, Mountains, Marble Quarry)
• lunch in the guesthouse
• ride to the Lake Baikal
• free time
• dinner
• sauna

Day 3

• breakfast
• ride to the Olkhon Island
• stops in the significant and beautiful spots
• ferry transfer to the island
• arrival to Khuzhir town
• lunch in the local bar
• visiting the Shamanka Rock
• return to the Buguldeyka village
• dinner in the guesthouse
• sauna

Day 4

• breakfast
• ride to the Taiga forest, to the old Russian / Siberian abandoned village
• lunch at the house of the local family
• (horse ride)*
• return to the guesthouse
• ride to the Lake Baikal
• dinner in the guesthouse
• sauna

Day 5

• breakfast
• return to Irkutsk

  • Transfers
  • Meals regarding the program
  • Entry fee regarding the program
  • Accommodations in wooden guesthouses
  • Ferry transfer
  • Assistance during the whole trip
Lake Baikal Soft Period Tours

Ice Tours

Olkhon Island Tours

Ice Trekking

Sightseeing Tours

Places to visit:
Irkutsk city, Listvianak town, Buguldeyka village, Olkhon Island, Khuzhir town, Ogoy Island
Ride with soviet military van UAZ, accommodation in wooden guesthouses, tasting local organic food, hovercraft ride and walking tour on the frozen Lake Baikal.

Tours start on Feb/March 2024
Available places: 8

Few places left 

5 Days Tour
Price from EUR € 990 / Person (min. 2 Persons)

Day 1.

    • Breakfast in the local bar
    • (visit to the mountain shop for renting / buying necessary equipment if needed)
    • Ride to Listvianka village.
    • Hovercraft ride of 160km on the frozen Lake Baikal
    • Arrival to the village Buguldeyka
    • Accommodation in the guesthouse
    • Dinner
    • Sauna

Day 2.

    • Breakfast
    • Excursion by car and partly walking to the mountains and to the Lake Baikal
    • Walking tour on frozen lake Baikal
    • Lunch / Camp on ice
    • Return to the guesthouse
    • Free time
    • Dinner

Day 3.

    • Breakfast
    • Ride to the Olkhon Island
    • Crossing the 11 kilometres of the Lake by car to the Island Visiting the caves of Olkhon
    • Lunch in Khuzhir village in local bar
    • Excursion around the Khuzhir village
    • Return to Buguldeyka guesthouse
    • Dinner
    • Sauna

Day 4.

    • Breakfast
    • Ride to the Tayga forest to the old, almost abandoned Siberian village
    • Lunch at the local family house
    • Horse ride possible
    • Return to the Buguldeyka guesthouse
    • Sauna

Day 5.

    • Breakfast
    • Return to Irkutsk
    • Accommodation in Hostel
    • Lunch in the restaurant
    • Walking tour around the city centre
    • Dinner in the local restaurant

Day 6.

  • Breakfast
  • Shuttle to the Airport

  • Transfers
  • Meals regarding the program
  • Entry fee regarding the program
  • Accommodations in hostels and guesthouses
  • Hovercraft ride
  • Assistance during the whole trip


Explore Yakutya

Explore the nature of Siberia

Oymyakon - The cold North-Pole

explore the coldest settlement on earth

The big Moma frost

Explore the biggest frost on the river Moma

Places to visit:
Yakutsk-Ust Nera (fork Andygychaan) – Chersky ridge – Sien Terde area – Moma river – Bolshaya Momskaya ice – Balagan Tas volcano
The main goal of the tour is to visit the largest river frost in the world – Ulakhan Taryn (Bolshaya Momskaya Naled), which covers an area of more than 100 square kilometers.

July – August – September 2024

10 Days Tour
Price from EUR €2.900 / Person (min. 2 Persons)


Transfer from Yakutsk along the Kolyma highway to the Andygachan river mouth, 1100 km.
On the way, there are two ferry crossings across the Lena and Aldan rivers.


Continuing the road along the Sette Daban and Suntar Khayata ridges, either squeezing into narrow rocky gorges, then going out onto the mountain river valleys, then climbing high mountain passes


Change of the vehicle and continuing the road to Andygachan river, to the area of Sien-Terde.
Distance: 260 km, ride with with Kamaz truck.
This part of the way runs through the Chersky mountain system. On the road you can meet local Yakut-Taiga inhabitants and their reindeer camps


Transfer by motor boats to Ulakhan Taryn, 150 km.
On the way, fishing on rivers. The pits of the river are inhabited by pikes, the size of which reaches more than a meter. The river valley is located between two ridges: Chersky and Momsky, the white peaks of which merge with the sky.
In the evening, arrival at the base camp site near the mouth of the Balagannakh river. This place is located above Ulakhan Taryn from where opens an excellent view of the entire ice.

DAY 5 – 6

Excursions on ice. These days photographers can build their own custom ice photography schedules. Fans of fishing can spend excellent fishing for grayling at the mouth of the Balagannakh river, which is inhabited by large grayling.

DAY 7 – 9

Hiking to the volcano Balaan-taas, 30 km.
The path follows a trail through woodland and mari with swampy areas.
Camp under the volcano.
*Climbing the volcano is not difficult.
**Photographers can plan their schedule covering the evening and morning hours above the volcano.

Day 10

Arrival to Yakutsk, accommodation in the hotel or transfer to the airport


Price includes transfers, accommodations, all entry fees, assistance during the whole trip



Explore the far north-east part of Russia

Land of Winds

Explore Chukotka going with Trekol – Russian expedition vehicle


Stay with locals, learn about their life

Places to visit:
Anadyr – Egvekinot – Amguema – “Vostochny” gold mine – Vankarem

Explore Chukotka Peninsula, photographing the polar beers, meeting Chukchi people – indigenous inhabitants, reindeer herders, Chukchi-Sea-Hunters.


March – October 2024

12 Days Tour
Price on request, group from 2 to 6 person

Day 1

Meeting in the aeroport of Andyr, transfer to hotel
Excursion to an abandoned military base “Gudym”
Meeting the guides. Inspection of equipment and instruction
Diner in the local restaurant

Day 2

Breakfast and flight from to Egvekinot
Transfer to the accommodation in cottages or apartments
Walking tour of the town
Dinner in the local bar

Day 3

Ride from Egvekinot to Amguema (90 km)
Stop at the “Arctic circle”point
Pic-nic with local rituals
Arrival in Amguema.
Exploring the village
Meeting with the local herder, discussing the program.
Meeting local tundra people
Dinner around the fireplace
Accommodation in yaranga or tent or return to the Amguema.

Day 4 – 9

Ride to Vankarem (190 km)
Stop on the way at the “Vostochny” gold mine, lunch, tea.
Arrival in Vankarem
Accommodation at the polar station or with local residents.
Exploring the village and the Cape
Meeting the guides and departure for the “Bear patrol”, searching and observating of polar bears
Meeting Chuckchi sea mammals hunters. Possible ride with hunters for hunting seals (depends on weather conditions)
Visit the ruined tropospheric station “Agate”
Meeting with the locals at the club.
Visit Chuckchi reindeer herders

Day 10

Return to Egvekinot on the all-terrain vehicle “Trekol” (190 km)
Tea at the “Vostochny” gold mine
Dinner in Amguema
Proceed to Egvekinot
Accommodation in cottages

Day 11

Departure by air from Egvekinot to Anadyr
Arrival in Anadyr
City tour (monuments to Mandrikov, Grinevetsky, Rytkheu)
Visit Chukotka Heritage Museum
Farewell dinner, concert of the folklore group
Hotel accommodation

Day 12

Transfer to the airport

Price includes transfers, accommodations, all entry fees, assistance during the whole trip

Videos from the trips of our guests

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