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The eastories farm – guestshouse

Our small family farm is located in the village Buguldeyka, north east from Irkutsk, 60 km from the Olkhon Island. It’s a small typical Siberian settlement surrounded by mountains and the Lake Baikal.

The tourism here hasn’t been developed yet, so there is a good opportunity to experience authentic atmosphere of the village.

We offer not only accommodation but a package of experience, which includes our home-made organic and traditional food, transport and excursions with our kindy soviet Uaz van and some lessons of Buryat-Shamanic traditions with our Uncle Volodya. 

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Here we are…

Buguldeyka is a small place where live just few hundreds of habitants, including our family, who enjoys cultivating their lands and taking care about domestic animals.

“Coming to eastories farm means to be totally immersed in the local community, tasting traditional food and enjoying the Russian sauna called banya in the evenings.” (Costanza from Italy)

eastories farm on Lake Baikal

Pictures of Baikal, Buguldeyka and the eastories farm

  •   Мы благодарим Илью и его семью за чудесный прием! Мы провели отличную неделю в Бугульдейке! Домашние завтраки, обеды и ужины- ничего сложного, но очень вкусно! Отличные условия. Если выбираете между Хужиром и Бугульдейкой, мы точно рекомендуем остановиться здесь!
    Мягкие комфортные кровати, свежее постельное белье и баня каждый вечер! Невероятный вид из окна и Байкал в 20-ти минутах от дома.

    thumb Irina
    March 21, 2021
  •   Если вы хотите космически красивый лед, если не любите толпы туристов, если мечтаете об аутентичном отдыхе на Байкале - вам сюда. Уютный дом с двумя комнатами и свежим интерьером в деревенском стиле, радушные хозяева. Дядя Володя знает о Байкале всё и даже больше - если хотите найти самые фотогеничные места, возьмите экскурсию. В доме есть вайфай с отличной скоростью, в деревне хорошо ловит теле-2 и мтс. Билайн и мегафон не ловят. Доехать до Бугульдейки легко даже на легковушке (главное ехать не коротким по мнению навигатора маршрутом, а более длинным) Важно знать, что туалет на улице, кого это смущает, но для нас это не было проблемой. Вместо ванны классическая баня - ежедневно.

    thumb Анна
    March 11, 2020
  •   A uniquely located air bnb in a beautiful part of Lake Baikal. The air bnb was spacious and very clean. Would recommend paying for meals as they were very tasty,... read more

    thumb Thomas
    April 27, 2018
  •   It has been a really good experience. Ilja was not there during my stay, however was the communicator and the translator via (Hidden by Airbnb) . That was really... read more

    thumb Andrea
    October 26, 2018
  •   I spent three days in this wonderful farm with my boyfriend and it was a very unique experience. We had the felling to be far from everything, in an immaculate... read more

    thumb Emma
    January 4, 2018
  •   Great family to stay with. Seldom that you het their availability and willingness to assist in any challenges. They also washed 2 weeks worth of travel clothing!

    The little... read more

    thumb Derrick
    May 31, 2018
  •   Nous avons passé un séjour de rêve et complètement dépaysant à Eastories farm pour Noël. Malgré leur travail et occupation quotidienne, Tolia et sa cousine étaient aux petits soins avec... read more

    thumb Marion
    December 25, 2019
  •   They gives us a unforgettable memories. I wanted to give you a 6points of star. We're so thankful about a nice and warm care. We could not forget the memories... read more

    thumb Byun
    August 17, 2018
  •   the quiet side of the baikal lake. we were there beginning march, and it was an unique experience, far away from everything.

    But, no worry: Ilja and his family... read more

    thumb Hervé
    March 16, 2018
  •   À very Nice and clean house.
    The buduldeyka area is very nice, I was very pleased with my stay !

    thumb Pierre-Louis
    December 1, 2017

What can you expect?

We also offer our home food and transport possibilities around the region if you would like to make excursions and trekking.

Surrounded by mountains, impressive rock, marble quarry and the river makes the surreal landscape of Buguldeyka and the farm.
In the morning, the sun rises early and the sunset comes very late, drawing different colors on the sky before the darkness comes.

eastories family


Who are you going to meet?

My father, the man with the blue shirt, was born in Olkhon island back in the year 1957, when Buryatia Republic was part of the USSR. During his studies in medicine he decided to join up the Soviet military army to have more job opportunities. Along the way he met my mum and in the mean time my sister and me were opening up the world, respectively in 1982 and 1986. Due to my father’s career we grow up in west Europe but we always felt connected with our Siberian roots, coming every time we could to visit my gramps, uncles and cousins.

Such a different world in Baikal Lake! I always felt to share those feelings and traditions with other people. Already in the teenager time, I brought my first friend to Buguldeyka and it was interesting to see how such different traditions can meet and communicate even without having any word in common. From this moment eastories farm became a spot where people exchange cultures and learn about Shamanism and ancient Buryat traditions.

Who do you see on the picture above?

During your stay you will probably meet my cousin Lena, who is a great chef and my uncle who is going to be your guide to the unpredictable nature of Lake Baikal. My two uncles, Valera, the one with the “liquidator” in the back, and Volodia, who is grabbing my grandma bag. Most of the time they like to bring our hosts on the frozen lake by car and telling old stories of Buryatia. Also you will find my Grandma around, in the middle, teacher and strong supporter of the Soviet Union.

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