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Lake Baikal | eastories farm

Visit us in eastories farm, have a unique stay in an authentic Siberian / Buryat village

Authentic Tours to Siberia – explore Lake Baikal with eastories

eastories is a family project which aims to develop environmentally friendly tourism in the Lake Baikal region. We support the people of Baikal by giving them the opportunity to welcome tourists from all over the world and participate in international activities in the region. In this way, we would like to integrate the local community with foreigners and present the authentic life of locals to tourists.

Nowadays, eastories offers tours not only to Lake Baikal but to a few other regions of Russia: Republic of Sakha, Autonomous Okrug of Chukotka, Kolsky District, Republic of Dagestan and Republic of Georgia

UAZ 2206

Rent the legendary 4×4 UAZ 2206 with 8 seats, to experience all the corners of Lake Baikal

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Visit Us in eastories farm

Have a unique stay in an authentic Siberian / Buryat village.

Local life experience

You are going to live in the cozy wooden house at the local family, in a small village close to the lake Baikal. Everyday your going to have excursions around the place and in the evenings you will enjoy hot Russian sauna. You will experience the real Siberian life, where you can breath a fresh air, see wild animals and watch the stars at night shining so bright.

Winter Lake Baikal

Feel Siberian winter and enjoy the beauty of the frozen Lake Baikal. We will take you for small daily trips around most significant places, driving our Bukhanka on ice exploring islands and caves, warming up with a hot soup made on fire and getting rest in cosy Russian houses with sauna.

Sightseeing tours

If you have just few days to visit Lake Baikal, we can adjust a specific tour especially for you. We will meet you at the airport or railway station and start the adventure right away. After all we will bring you back wherever it might be. All you have to do, is to share your plan with us.

Self-Drive Tours

Do you want to explore the Siberia on your own – no problem. We will give you one of our UAZ cars, show you the spots on the map where you can go and will organise accommodation in all that places. Drive yourself Bukhanka like a local.

We can provide camping gears, so you can be even more free

New Destinations in Russia

Yakutya tours

Republic of Sakha (Yakutya)

The biggest region of Russia, as huge as the whole India, with the population smaller than 1 person per square km. It is here where the lowest temperature has been measured, -72,5°C in the village Oymyakon. 

Chukotka Tours

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

The most eastern part of Russia, on the edge of Eurasian continent, placed between two oceans: Pacific and Arctic. Chukotka is the land of strong winds, low temperatures, there are just few roads that connects it with the rest of the world.

Kolsky District

Kol'sky District

Our friend Pavel will show you the most impressive spots in Kol’sky Penisula.
With his Yellow Gaz 66 truck you will explore the European north of Russia in the best way.

Possible group and private tours

Yakutya tours


Explore Dagestan and Caucasian Mountains on your own, driving Bukhanka Off-Road Camper. 

Chukotka Tours


Self-guided tours in Georgia, the country of beautiful nature, ancient architecture, delicious food and wine.

Our Services


If you want to explore Lake Baikal independently, renting a car like UAZ would be the best solution.


We help you to arrange your visa to Russia. Just fill the application form and we will send you the invitation/support letter


Local life experience in “eastories farm“, which is located close to the Lake Baikal. Warm and cozy two-floor wooden house with 7 beds, fireplace, and a possibility to taste organic home food.


If you need a transport to any part of the Irkutsk region or Republic of Buryatia, we can help you here. Eastories cooperates a group of professional drivers, that are able to bring you anywhere.

eastories farm – homestay on the shore of Lake Baikal

Meet Local Inhabitans

We are located about 270 km from the nearest city – Irkutsk and 60 km from the Olkhon Island. To get to our village, you have to cross the mountains and Taiga forest, the nearest asphalt road finishes 42 km away.

The people here live the way like they did it hundreds of years ago – they go fishing, care about domestic animals and the land. Our village is far from tourist routes – there are no bars or hotels and the local people are friendly and curious about foreigners.

eastories’ recent collaboration

what do they say about eastories trips?

  •   What could I say... this place is just amazing. If only we could put 6 stars
    Everything was just perfect. Very nice place with excellent food. Close to the... read more

    thumb Hadrien Pierre
    January 11, 2018
  •   They gives us a unforgettable memories. I wanted to give you a 6points of star. We're so thankful about a nice and warm care. We could not forget the memories... read more

    thumb Byun
    August 17, 2018
  •   Огромное спасибо Илье, Елене и всей его семье за радушный приём! Были здесь в августе и провели потрясающую неделю. Фантастическое место посреди природы. Вокруг тишина и спокойствие.В дали от толп туристов. В пешей доступности множество красивых мест, от сюда можно отправиться в поход до Листвянки или наоборот (займëт 3-4 дня).Добраться на машине достаточно легко, только сворачивать лучше в Петрова в 2021 году ,там дорога получше, можно ехать 70-80 км/ч, но добавляет крюк~ км 20. В деревне два магазина, там нет излишеств, но минимум из необходимого есть.Животных тут ощутимо больше, чем людей (домашний скот). В шаговой доступности находятся мраморный карьер, горы и, конечно, сам Байкал! Хозяева - прекрасные отзывчивые люди, тепло встретили нас, и мы чувствовали себя как дома. Поселили в очень просторном и уютном домике со всем необходимым. Также отлично кормили и организовали баню. Очень жаль было уезжать, но мы обязательно сюда ещё вернёмся, но уже зимой! Очень рекомендую этот вариант!

    thumb Владислав
    August 7, 2021
  •   Мы благодарим Илью и его семью за чудесный прием! Мы провели отличную неделю в Бугульдейке! Домашние завтраки, обеды и ужины- ничего сложного, но очень вкусно! Отличные условия. Если выбираете между Хужиром и Бугульдейкой, мы точно рекомендуем остановиться здесь!
    Мягкие комфортные кровати, свежее постельное белье и баня каждый вечер! Невероятный вид из окна и Байкал в 20-ти минутах от дома.

    thumb Irina
    March 21, 2021
  •   What an amazing weekend spent in an incredible and peaceful farm. Ilja and her family are very kind, they did a lot for our comfort, and his uncle brought us to... read more

    thumb Robin
    April 15, 2019
  •   A uniquely located air bnb in a beautiful part of Lake Baikal. The air bnb was spacious and very clean. Would recommend paying for meals as they were very tasty,... read more

    thumb Thomas
    April 27, 2018
  •   À very Nice and clean house.
    The buduldeyka area is very nice, I was very pleased with my stay !

    thumb Pierre-Louis
    December 1, 2017
  •   We were very happy staying at Ilja's place for two nights in winter. We were hosted by his very kind family. They cared a lot about our comfort, and they... read more

    thumb Marie
    March 9, 2018
  •   The place, the food, the people, the enviornment, i couldn’t ask for more. Everything is within my expectation. You will never regret to choose this place to stay:)

    thumb April
    February 4, 2019
  •   Merci pour ce fabuleux séjour. Nous ne savions pas à quoi s'attendre en venant à Bougouldeïka. C'est notre plus belle étape. C'était authentique, loin des parcours touristes et une... read more

    thumb Flavie
    March 10, 2021

If you are travelling through Siberia, Eastories Farm is not to be missed. It is an extraordinary village, breathtaking scenery and authentic in its cluster of old and new wooden houses. Eastories farm is a working farm. You will literally be in the farm environment. In autumn, this was not the picturesque greenery of a European farm, but the spare practicality of a farm in a part of the world with a harsh climate. You will share the outside toilet and be treated to the wood fired sauna in the evening. If you choose the family will cater for you. What catering! Simple, plentiful farm food. Each meal was a delight. In Autumn, the main activity was walking… to the lake, in the mountains.

I would have loved to have been there in warmer weather for a swim in the pristine waters of the lake. Or in winter to walk on the frozen lake and river. But the colours of Autumn were beautiful, the sky crystal blue, and the weather conducive to walking for hours. Don’t miss this opportunity if you have the chance. Much more than just an AirBNB, its the opportunity to experience a remarkable lifestyle in a magic place.

Janet from Australia

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